Wildflower Meadows June 22 2021

It's the month of June and everything looks so beautiful, especially the flowers.

A few years ago I started noticing wild flowers on the sides of the roads around the South Yorkshire area. At first I thought  Rotherham council had gone on strike and let the central reservations grow out of control.

The scheme which started in 2013 was provided by a local Sheffield company called Pictorial Meadows Ltd. 

The key factors were to  encourage wildlife, support biodiversity and reduce the maintenance of the highways. 

They created a wild flower meadow of around 8 miles which looks absolutely beautiful as you drive around.

And like wild flower seeds it has now spread to all parts of South Yorkshire and beyond.

Many forward thinking councils around the country have adopted  wild flower meadows for dual carriageways , roundabouts and roads in general.  From what I can see it's become quite a trend around the country with lots of public places and outdoor areas making their own wildflower meadows .

All the magazines as well as Gardeners World on the BBC have featured  wildflower meadows and gardens . Around our area there are lots of native wildflowers on the roadsides and in particular species like the Red Orache, Fairy toadflax, alliums, cornflowers and Californian poppies.


It's so refreshing to see these roadside meadows of natural beauty , rather than row upon row of soldier like potted plant verges and lawn mower striped football pitches.

Plus it's all great for the environment, especially the bees.

Our own garden tends be a little ramshackle and it merges in with the surrounding fields around Roche Abbey creating a natural environment and a haven for the bees. We have now added our own wild flower area , here are a few pictures of it.

Wildflowers from the garden.

Our garden gave me lots of  inspiration for a range of simple wild flower cards made up of daisies and forget-me -nots . I see these flowers every year, along with lots of butterflies and bumblebees.


I thought it would be nice for our customers to adopt a first name with a  letter made of wild flowers. So I've shaped daisies and forget-me-nots  into all the  letters of the alphabet .

A complete A- Z .

I added them to our website late last night and it's great to see they are already selling well.

So much so that the letter 'J' has almost sold out.  Could that be 'J'  for June perhaps?  

Technology is cool! January 13 2021

What is it with technology that as we get older , we just get scared of doing new things?

Trying to make a list here of all the things we've updated over the last year. The car, the phone, the television, oh and a new computer is on it's way, to name a few.

So lets break those down shall we?

First I replaced the trusty old volvo that had a quarter of a million miles on it  for a nearly new Kia estate. Good move .

A great 'nearly new' car for us with a long warranty and a huge list of extras. Sat Nav, rear camera , parking sensors , iphone music player, etc, etc all on a touch screen. All stuff that's great, bells and whistles and  fully loaded with everything.

Except after a while ....

"Er ... Sophie, Edward how do you work that bit?"

The reply: "Dad .. you're so slow can't you work anything ?"

Next the phone.

I've got an iphone 7 , or is it a 6 ... or a 5, 4, 3, 2,1 .. who cares?

It works.

Or it did work until you know who  (above)  managed to fill it full of their games and now I get notifications of Barbie apps and Space invaders sent to my phone. I never signed up to those and I don't know how to turn them off.

" Er Sophie , Edward how do I disable these apps?"

The reply: "Daaad ... you can't do that, we absolutely need them!!"

Then comes the television. Is it even called that anymore?

Its a multi function entertainment centre with 50 million channels. We upgraded our sky package and now have super fast fibre broadband with Netflix, Amazon, Catch up , iplayer, games and more games . I even tried a bowling game with Edward yesterday and guess what, he beat me.

I said, Edward when I was just about your age I remember watching Neil Armstong land on the moon on our black and white ('His Master's Voice" ) television. We had one channel, the BBC,  in 1969. And that was the latest technology.

The reply: "But Dad you're sooo old and that was in the old days!"

Oh dear... the truth is I remember saying that to my parents when they probably listened to the radio and played dominoes by candlelight.

So yes times do change and really our children are the ones embracing the new technology. They are just so fast at it and almost seem hard wired to do all the tasks. Especially with this new online learning for school and the use of zoom , face time and all the other social media apps , I've not even mentioned.

I'm afraid the old part of me yearns for simpler times; the ones I grew up with. A good book for relaxation instead of all these channels.

The Great Escape on the BBC on Christmas Day. A decision already  made for me and not a million films to choose from  Netflix, which actually  takes longer than watching the film itself.

Only phoning someone when completely neccessary (mind due email has taken care of that bit) so I still don't use the phone that much.

Driving another volvo estate , with proper knobs and switches.

All that brings me on to the last point. Computers.

We've got other computers in the business , but my main desktop machine is an Apple MAC and it's ...wait for it ... 14 years old!

My theory: if it's not broke .. don't bother fixing it.

It is more than a bit long in the tooth, but it still works ..just!

I can run all my programs on it but its now very slow and with it comes the law of diminishing returns . So a new one is coming soon.

That said, it has performed this new technology that we are using here at Sophie Morrell with absolute precision, albeit slowly, but  it has served me well.

We now have a system in place that pings our personalised orders from our website direct to the printers and out to our customers , all via some incredible software.

It's been a steep learning curve as they say , but I've got the  'young' part of me around that bit, all helped by my trusy old Mac.

There has been a lot to learn as  I've taken raw artwork images, through three separate computer design packages and then into our new personalised software and then finally  uploaded all of it to our website. That is 5 different computer packages that all need some knowledge!

So yes ... I'm giving myself a pat on the back for once.

Old me and my old Mac computer, well  we've managed it together doing the young part all over again. ( Incidentally would my computer be as old as me in computer years like a dog  or a cat??.... hmmm  that's one to mull over) :)

But we are still  ticking along nicely ... just! A bit slower than before ... but enjoying the ride and loving what this new technology can do for us.

Oh I nearly forgot .. the point to all this is we have some lovely new notebooks out now that can all be personalised. They are made individally by the customer choosing a name and title for each book , and seeing their finished design in real time on their screen. Customers then place their order and hey presto the book is made and shipped out. 

All brought to you by the very youthful part of me that still yearns to learn new things and loves designing things, and of course some pretty cool technology!

I'm feeling quite smug.

I must say to Edward and Sophie  "So ... I'm not quite that old yet ..ha, ha"

I wonder what their reply will be?



The reasons for the seasons September 15 2020

"Once upon a time at the frozen North Pole, all the reindeers were getting ready for.... "

No , no ... stop the story  ... STOP!!

We can't possibly talk about the C word ... its only mid September.


And yet the shops are full of it.

There are whole isles in Home Bargains that are all C word related and also orange and black everywhere ... and Halloween is at least six weeks away. It's all about selling well ahead of what's to come in the next couple of months. 

I have to say though I love Home Bargains and its been a useful diversion of getting the children back to school last week with the temptation of a little reward after school. It worked wonders, until they pestered  to go everyday after school and came out each time with a £4.99 present of plastic tat. Tat that usually requires Dad to reach for the philips screwdriver and the double AA batteries.

We now have a house full of battery powered magic wands with skulls and ghosts painted on them, Halloween bunting, even a Halloween door bell that welcomes you to a haunted house.

At least we've no Nightmare on Elm Street Freddie face masks yet ... but who needs those when everyone has a mask anyway?

So really why should I worry about mentioning Christmas ...??

Oops ! There I've said it! 

So if you are all sitting comfortably, (socially distanced of course) then I shall begin:


Once upon a time at the frozen North Pole, all the reindeers were getting ready for the busy Christmas season.

Wayne dear and all his friends were busy making, packing and wrapping all the Christmas presents.

They were of course all socially distanced,

and all had  PPE kit on.

There was one reindeer who insisted on making a bit extra out of the current season, we'll call him a Profiteer. (rhymes with deer)

When all the presents were wrapped, they were loaded  onto the NEW and very special delivery train. (Wayne's Train)

The train added some more carriages ...

and then they all set off on their very long and magical journey delivering presents all over the world ...

They went up mountains ...

down mountains ...

they travelled across vast and frozen countries

until they reached the homes of children everywhere ...

and they very quietly unloaded all the presents and delivered them by hoof ...

all except for a few presents ... that had to be delivered by a very noisy helicopter, (because I forgot  to write the helicopter into the story :) )

some of the presents were so special , the reindeers put name tags on,  so mums and dads can write on them.

When all the presents had been delivered; all the reindeers were very tired and went back to the North Pole on the train in  1st class, for a well earned rest.

The End.

Well not quite ... it's just the beginning.

Because we'll just get Halloween out of the way and then it'll be upon us.

At least there's a very good reason NOT to visit the shops this year and be subjected to  "I wish it could be Christmas everyday ... yaaaay"  ... playing again and again.

You can shop from home and support us as a small business, and keep all the reindeers fed and watered for another year, so we can keep bringing you new and creative cards .

And by the way you can order these cards as personalised with your own message on, or purchase several non personalised cards at a time, with great discounts. 

I'd better go ... someone ... (or something scary ) has just pressed the Halloween doorbell!



Do it yourself veg patch March 26 2020

Being a farmer's son, I should know how to grow things; you'd think!

Errm.. maybe not!

Well I do know a bit about planting a whole field of barley and potatoes and riding on the back  of a tractor and seed drill watching out for the blocked spouts.

I did  alot of this growing up in the 70's. My father always put us to work in the fields; nothing like cheap family labour.

Can you imagine that today? Health and Safety would have a fit.

What I never actually did was grow my own vegetables and I've always wanted to. Sam grows a bit of veg in the garden every year; strawberries, courgettes and runner beans. But actually Jack the dog ate most of it last year,  so she's sort of given up.

I've always been meaning to have my own veg patch and its one of those things, I've said I'll get round to when I've a bit of free time. At the moment there's quite a bit  of that.

So last Sunday I had a go at making a raised bed for vegetables.

In our shed we've got loads of old bits of wood that I've kept over the years. I do hate chucking anything out .

There's literally everything in the shed, including a kitchen sink and that's true! I'll post a picture of it one day.

The other problem I've got is I'm not very good at DIY.

My tools are really basic.

My carpentry skills are even more basic.

I do put our stands up at shows, but to be honest my  hand to eye contact for physical jobs is useless.

Trusting me with a hammer and a saw to complete a task unscathed, is like handing the whole job over to Edward my five year old son. But even that's not fair really, because I've watched Edward banging with his plastic toy hammer and work bench and he is very dexterous and coordinated. 

But determined to complete my raised bed, I had a go.

My tools consist of :

A hammer, a saw, a tape measure, a screw driver, some old 5 inch nails (a bit rusty) and some screws.

The width of a raised bed should be no more than 4 feet across in width . So you can reach the other side with ease. The length does not matter.

I found two old scaffolding boards (you need something strong enough to contain the soil) and successfully sawed them in half and then each one again to get my rectangle shape. So far so good.

Next I lined up the nails at each end of the two longer boards and half banged them in. I then positioned the shorter  four foot boards at right angles to meet the long ones. This was the tricky part , getting the nails to go in straight.

Some did , some didn't. ( Because I can't hit them in straight)  Eventually after a few expletives and a sore thumb,  I managed to bang them all in.

I then strengthened each corner by screwing some two by one wood in,  and sawed off the ends. I strengthened the middle with three wooden battens and stretched a membrane over the whole thing to drain water and stop weeds coming through and tacked it down. Edward helped at this point with his plastic hammer.

Sam then helped me turn the whole thing upside down.

I really was expecting the whole thing to fall apart , but it didn't!

We carried it to the garden and found a nice sunny spot for it.

We put some compost in the bottom,  but the  soil leaked out the sides a little bit, so I cut some extra bits of old wood flooring and screwed those to each of the boards on the outside.

This ensured there were no more soil leaks, hopefully.

We still need to finish off the bed with some more top soil.

And that's it!

Basically ... it's ready to go !

I mean if I can do this, honestly anybody can.

They always say on tele: Don't try this at home!

But actually do!

If you have  a small garden, you can certainly make a small raised bed.

It's not that hard and really quite rewarding when you've done it.

This was the bit that put me off growing veg in the first place.

I'm rather proud of it.  At least its stayed together ... so far!

Now comes the hard bit.

My 'farmboy ' skills at growing the veg.

Stay tuned, as I'll be following up with how I get on with planting soon and you can all please tell me what I'm doing wrong.  


This time it's personal February 21 2020

When I meet our customers face to face at retail shows, I nearly always get asked  these questions. 

"Have you got this sheep card,  or that dog card with Happy Birthday on, or cats with Anniversary on , or frogs with Congratulations?" 

We've always taken the approach that our cards are very versatile and generally our animal characters speak for themselves.

Our cute characters are usually so full of  intricate design with little hearts running through them, that actually they can be used for whatever your occasion might be . As our advertising slogan reads:

All creative, great and small

Well we've gone a step further.

You can now take almost any of your favourite characters, the hedgehogs, rabbits, ducks, cats, dogs, etc and add your own message.

Let's get Personal!

Our personalisation allows for just about any message or occasion to be written on the outside where it counts. This makes it a very personal, loving and lasting impression for the person receiving the card.

Of course you can still write another personal message on the inside too.

We've given some examples as a guide but you can literally write anything to a loved one and make that card just such a one off, that there won't be another one like it anywhere in the world.

Of course there are other personalised cards companies out there, but nothing with the cute brand and niche market appeal that we are  known for.


Our cards are priced competively at £3.29 each plus a £0.70p 1st class stamp.

Cards ordered before 12.30pm Monday - Friday are delivered next day with Royal Mail.


We've just launched these personalised cards and soon we'll be offering more products with personalised prints and notebooks too.

So please have a look at our cards and come up with your own wording using our interactive edit tool that shows you a finished card.

The card can be sent to a loved one, or back to you. It's very quick to use and it's pretty cool.

Now there really is a unique card offering out there,  that's right  for just about any occasion.

All it takes is for you to choose one of our cute animal characters, or any of our designs and let your creative imagination run wild. 

And you will then have a completely unique and personalised card.

All creative, great and small.

Our new trade partner August 05 2019

We have a new trade partner now for all our trade customer orders.

Using an online trade platform will make ordering and invoicing much more simple and provide our trade customers with a longer time to pay and occasionally giving them special offers when they process their orders directly through our new partner.

Pretty soon we will be sending out emails to all our current trade stockists (and new ones too), and letting them know all the benefits of ordering online through Mercavus.

It means we will be able to simplify the Sophie Morrell websites. Currently there are two; one for retail and one for trade.  Trade customers will be able to log in through the retail website and register to become a trade stockist using the link on our homepage.

Here are some pictures of the mercavus platform  with our products. 

Its an exciting new partnership and we are looking forward to bringing in new orders with


Mug Shot January 18 2019

A new year and a new range for 2019.

We are planning to bring out some very individual mugs and jugs. They are based on our very popular  Snuggly Sheep range of cards and giftware. If this range proves successful, (which I've every confidence they will be) then we shall broaden the range to include other animal characters.

Infact we might ask our customers what they would like to see?

We have been chatting with Peregrine Pottery in Stoke on Trent and we are developing our sheep proof on the mug and jug at the moment.

The poor Snuggly Sheep characters  must have felt like they  have been in the 'sheep dip' more than a few times, as we have tried them out several times on different mugs and jugs with different effects. But they still keep smiling!

We've decided on the mug and jug  being hand painted in our soft taupe / beige background colour. This will in fact darken the creamware on the outside but by doing so making our white and black sheep stand out when placed on top of the background colour. We will then have  a hand sponged little heart in the background colour placed inside the mug and jug to compliment the creamware.

We looked at different potteries in the UK, but we settled on Peregrine Pottery for many reasons. Both Samantha and I like the earthenware or 'creamware ' handmade look  as its called and  the feel and texture of their pottery and I was most impressed by their hand sponging techniques.

Last Summer I went to visit Peregrine Pottery and was immediately welcomed by Paul  and Joanne Deakes  who own and run the pottery. Paul who used to be at Emma Bridgewater makes all the pottery and Joanne decorates it all using her sponging techniques.

All very creative and just what we like!

When our products go live, we will be doing a longer story and will interview  Paul and Joanne to discuss their wonderful process and send out pictures of our products being made at the pottery.

For now have a look at some of the wonderful designs made by Peregrine and keep an eye out for our sheep mugs and jugs coming soon!

We hope everything will  be finalised and on display and we shall be taking orders when we exhibit at Spring Fair, Birmingham for the trade.  3 - 7 February 2019 .

The mugs and jugs will of course be on sale on our retail site and we are really excited about that!

If you get chance to stop by the NEC around those dates ,do come and see us.

We are in Hall 3-3A Stand No. 3J43 It is a trade show but the public are welcome if they register online.



As much as I try to write a blog each month and keep our customers updated, there always seems to be one more thing to do. Looking back the last blog I wrote was in July!

One of the things that slowed me down was the size of our export card order to Switzerland in September.  We sent out  approximately 40,000 cards and card packs all packed by hand. ( Well done Samantha on packing  the largest part of the order)  There were 4 pallet loads on a lorry that went out to Geneva and every single card  had our 'fame' seeking reindeer Wayne  on it. 

Yes Wayne Dear and his mates 'The O'dears ' seem to be growing in popularity each year, not only at home , but also abroad.

So much so that in March of this year, I sat down to write what I thought might be a few nice words about Wayne.

This had been largely prompted by the fact that last Christmas Eve he'd dropped in to visit us rather unexpectedly.

And I mean literally dropped in!

I’d woken up with a start around 3 am,  expecting to see Father Christmas. I looked nervously around the sitting room , wielding a flashlight in one hand and a poker in the other.

I carefully inspected the chimney and yes the old boy, or be it his reindeers had already been. There was soot down the chimney, reindeer hoof marks everywhere, half eaten mince pies and the carrots outside in the garden had been munched. And of course there were loads of presents for the children.

So what was going on ? 

There was another loud clatter of what sounded like hooves trying to get a grip  on the roof and then suddenly a large crash in the garden!

I peered outside into the dark night.

There was Wayne all tangled up in the clothes line with flashing lights in his antlers.

"Whatever are you doing?" I hissed at him."Arn't you supposed to be with the other reindeer?" "By the look of it they've been and gone quite a while ago"

"Erm ... well its a bit of a long story " blurted out Wayne whilst untangling himself and at the same time almost pinning me to the wall with a flashing antler.

" Give me the short version " I said as I needed to get back to bed and I also didn't want him to wake the children. 

And so he did.

His story; the 'short' version was all about his life growing up with his friends and family  The O’dears at the North Pole . It actually went on for half an hour.

After 5 minutes into his story, I decided it was better we both take the weight off, so I beckoned him to a chair and we both sat down, cross legged by the still warm chimney and munched on leftover mince pies , port and frozen carrots. 

He was really happy and excited  about his story and kept talking about an urgent present he needed to deliver before Christmas morning . 

He thanked me for the carrots and asked if I'd write a little  bit about him when I had time. And then with the usual reindeer magic and flashing antlers , he was gone again into the night.

And so I thought about his story and the pictures I have of him and his friends and slowly a few words turned into a few more .

I mean I wouldn't really have called myself a writer or author as such, until now. Yes, I can draw and illustrate , but I must say I enjoyed writing about Wayne Dear,as he's such a fun character. I put his story together in rhyming sentences  to make a little  uplifting and courageous story all about family and friendship.

Its an odd thing sitting down to write a story, it doesn’t just happen all at once, it sort of evolves over time. I devoted all the month of March to it and developed the pictures around a loose story I had in my head. But all the rhyming couplets had to then be worked into the plot. And the pictures had to register in turn with the words. And all that to get a story that is told over 26 story pages and about 1000 words and one that can be read at bedtime  in well under 10 minutes.

I stress under 10 minutes  because I consistently recite The Ugly Duckling, by Hans Christian Andersen , which I know by heart from reading it so many times, and that's how long it approximately takes me, unless I add in a few duck quacks and rooster noises . I can usually get Sophie and Edward to sleep in around that time. It must be like a hypnotist listening to me, "now listen to me.. you are getting very sleepy" droning on in a monotone and boring voice. But it works every time and depending on my own tiredness level, I can put myself to sleep before I get to the last few sentences.

After I'd finished illustrating and writing it, I then chatted to our printer and I thought we'll try and turn the story into a little book for this Christmas. Of course all this got held up with the busy year we've had and all our shows and packing orders and before you know it , we are  just a month  away from Christmas!

Well it is  now finally finished and is on sale. So I’m going to be very interested to see what response it gets and hopefully Wayne will find his 'fame'.

 I think possibly Wayne and I have defied the boundaries of traditional children’s books , maybe not a wise thing to do, but we like doing things differently. I had been told that children's books have to appeal distinctly to a specific age range, and fall into certain categories, or they won’t sell. 

I hope to prove the traditional thinking wrong. You see I believe my book can be read to Edward who is 3 years old , who will get excited over the pictures that daddy has made. It can also work for an older reader like Sophie at 8 years old, who will read the rhyme herself and delight in the language, alongside the pictures.

But there’s also some big overgrown kids out there like you and me, who get to do the reading and who’ve still got a part to us that’s never grown up. 

And Christmas being such a very special time, well I think there's a part in all of us that still seeks the imagination and magic all over again. Much  like watching a Disney/ Pixar film like Toy Story , there’s something else in there quite unique,  just an extra bit of dry humour, with a bit of a twist and a happy ending for the grown ups as well as the little ones.

And that's where our reindeer book comes in , (like our cards and the dry humour attached to them) I think it can work on all levels and age ranges and transcend those traditional boundaries.

A BIG CHEER FOR WAYNE DEAR is out now and priced at £6.00

The book is  23CM X 23CM in size, glued and section sewn (to handle the rough stuff from kids)  and is printed on uncoated paper.( it fits the square format and look of our cards) It totals 36 pages front to back, with a glossy cover and is all printed in Sheffield.  

So thats my blog now complete for November .

In December , well the blog might be another ‘story' all  together. I'll have to let you know!

Either the book becomes a runaway success story; or I might get paid a...  "I know where you live! " roof visit at 3am by not just Wayne Dear , but all his mates demanding royalties in carrots . Or worse still asking why the book hasn’t sold and them all pinning me to the wall. 

So please have a read of some of the extracts on our website and various other blogs that are happening soon. And if you happen to buy one between now and Christmas Eve please give us a mention and let us know what you think on social media.

As I say we've gone about it in a non traditional way  and keeping it quite select we'd like it to gain traction in an organic way, rather than it going straight onto a mass Amazon style site and being swallowed up.

Hopefully if I can get a few nice comments back from customers, I can then pass them onto Wayne in good time to avoid being roughed up and lynched by his reindeer mates before the big day.

Here's hoping we get A Big Cheer For Wayne Dear. 


Also available in white July 18 2018

At the risk of upsetting someone, I'll choose my next words very carefully.

The colour white for vehicles has become extremely popular, it is literally everywhere. 

I'm told one of the reasons its so popular is because , it's a 'safe' colour.  Apparently there's a higher percentage ( I don't know the figures) of being seen in a white vehicle and therefore you are less likely to have an accident.

Er... except of course when its snowing?

Another theory  is that the colour has gained its popularity through all the white apple laptops? And then there's Big Fat gypsy weddings with the big white range rovers on tele... hmmm ... I'll say no more.

Samantha's theory is the best I think, because she reckons its started all the hand car washes that have popped up all over the country, so owners have to get them washed more often. Thats definitely a  great conspiracy theory.

My association has to be with tradesmen. Whenever we need some work doing on the house , there's always a dreaded 'white' van with screwed on ladders on top (probably mine, the  ones that went missing) that pulls up in the drive. And then that definitive, dull swooshing  noise of the side door being opened, or slammed shut. 

Usually there's nothing inside the ply lined cavernous interior, except a length of copper pipe, the ubiquitous Stihl saw, straight of a horror movie and a couple of spanners. Spanners being actual spanners; not the occupants of the vehicle. Although I've always wondered about the real meaning of 'No tools are left in this van overnight'

Well that's enough for now of that subject... because if I don't stop I'll get started on a rant about dodgy builders and cash in hand in white vans and ... and .... and .... please stop!  Take a deep breath and calm down. 

It is for that reason and the above association that I've resisted the colour 'white' and the word 'van' for so long. 

But I have to say resistance is becoming futile. White vans are infinitely practical and I think shortly, I too will be joining the ranks of 'White Van Man'. 

We have for years now rented vans from various hire companies. (That's another blog post... or rant altogether.) Hiring vans has its own set of problems, not least whereby the hire company tries to charge you for another renters  scratches. Its usually such a hassle getting a van and signing your life away each time with every utility bill, passport, drivers license, national insurance number etc etc .. under the sun. Makes me laugh when you off hire it one week and go back the following week to rehire literally the same van and you have to go through all the paperwork yet again.... and ...and.... stop, stop!! Take another breath and calm down. 

Okay so when we don't hire vans , we  use my trusty old volvo estate, which in many cases  for local shows works just fine . We can get literally everything inside with the seats down and go and set up a show. 

I can actually get 52 of our wooden crate displays inside the car.

On the roof with my invaluable Halfords roof rack and rope, I can get two wooden trestle tables and two wire card spinners with the wobbly wheels, a fridge freezer  and a cuddly toy... no its not the Generation Game, so the last two items don't count, but it does sound like it with the huge inventory the car manages to carry. 

And so this was how I set off last Sunday afternoon to go over the pennines to set up early for Tatton Park RHS flower show.

Now the volvo I should add has been the best car I ever owned . It has got 236k miles on the clock. The distance to the moon from earth is 238,900 so its nearly got there. But a bit like Apollo 13, when approaching the brow of the very steep hill between Tintwhistle and Mottram, I had to announce..... " Houston, we have a problem."

My problem is the automatic transmission which has been on its last legs for a while now. It crunches and bangs in the low gears and is quite unnerving to fellow passengers who  are not familiar with what's happening. I'm so used to its temperamental ways,  I barely notice it anymore. I was warned by our local garage that it would just stop one day and not go any further. 

So back to Sunday. Everything was gong well. I was cruising along Woodhead , not many lorries out with it being the weekend. I got through the lights at Tintwhistle  and started the long slow slog up the very steep hill to Mottram.

This is a notoriously bad stretch of road where all the traffic grinds to a halt. So the volvo was doing okay but making clunking and grinding noises in the low gears , but still moving. About 5 cars ahead I noticed a lorry , grrrr... which then managed to stall right before the lights turned to red. The concertina effect behind it managed to make all the cars brake lights go on at once.

The lorry slowly moved again and so did all the cars , except me.

I put my foot down. 

The car jerked and banged into gear. It moved slowly  towards the light .

I was getting slightly nervous.

The weight of all the crates on board and the spinners on the roof, didn't help. 

It inched its way through the lights as they went to amber and was just approaching the brow of the big hill, when it stopped! 

I put my foot hard down on the accelerator, nothing happened .

I knocked the auto box into 1st gear; again nothing happened. 

The engine was now  revving loudly, but the gears would not work.

The temperature gauge shot straight into the red and behind me there was a queue of very angry motorists. 

To say I was teetering just about on top of the massive hill, I was remarkably calm.

It was then I noticed four teenagers sitting at a bus stop on the other side of the road . I yelled to them for their assistance to come and help. They eagerly ran to my aid. I asked them to give me a push . They did and I managed to get the car into a higher gear and over the brow of the hill.

I meant to stop and thank them so much for their kindness, but I waved wildly instead and carried on for fear the car would just stop again with a massive queue behind me. 

After pulling in to a petrol station further on and letting the engine cool down, I then decided to press on to Tatton park as it was all flat motorway , rather than calling the AA. I managed to get there and back without further incident, but i won't do that again!

The volvo is now sitting in the drive feeling sorry for itself.  I'm now on the look out for a vehicle that  can carry all the family around and Jack the dog and will  double up for moving all our card stock, products and shop displays ... and that is looking very much like being a van.

I have to say they are extremely practical vehicles and you can see why there are so many on the road. I suppose I can always moonlight as a dodgy builder at weekends and practise sucking my teeth... " it's going to cost ya ... tell you what I'll do the whole job for cash.... how does that sound?"

Ermmm .... do they come in any other colours?  


Ps. I have not got any related pictures of white vans, except our camper van card above, so here are some flower cards that are predominantly on white. Nothing  of course to do with my story / blog !


And the winner is......? June 07 2018

If you've ever been to a wedding, 21st Birthday party, or generally any celebration bash held up north, ( I stress Up North and mainly farmers ) ,  then no doubt  you will have heard the following...

Normally said in a male, slightly slurred Yorkshire accent, with a heavy emphasis on the U vowels...

"And I'd just like to thank the caterers for a luvelee spread ..."

( for anyone not acquainted to northern speak, its an acknowledgement of the food preparation and the hard working catering staff)

I think those few chosen words have always resonated with me and my family in a slightly tongue in cheek, half mocking sort of way, really by a lack of imagination of saying a 'thank you' after a few ales or glasses of bubbly.

Its a bit like when they open the envelope at the Oscars..... (long pause for effect)

"And the winner is..........?"


Well yes, and no, not exactly.

Yes, we did WIN yesterday at the RHS Chatsworth Flower Show.

And no we didn't win outright, as the stars are marked out of 5 and then there is a best of show. 

But we  did WIN a 3 star Trade stand award for our 'creative talents' of making our stand  look like a garden shed.

And are we chuffed? You bet we are!! We are really pleased.

Many stands don't get recognised at all  and some stands might get a letter of caution, could do better, or even unsatisfactory. So to get an award that recognises  our efforts, is really quite a big deal. Especially from the RHS. 

Every year we exhibit at RHS flower shows, normally within the Country Living marquee  and this is the first year we are at Chatsworth as a separate stand. 



Setting up the shows is always so tiring with a huge set up on our part normally in preparation weeks ahead. Packing cards, buying new stock, preparing props and then some very long and intense days putting  it all up on site.

Its usually me on my own doing the set up part on site , while Samantha runs the stand on the trading days; she's better at that side of it than me!

So lots of different types of work from both us, but all combined it comes together on the stand, with of course lots of support from the RHS.

And that is where I come to the part of mentioning the RHS itself. 

Founded by John Wedgwood and formed originally as the Horticultural Society of London in 1804, it is now a registered charity that promotes gardening and horticulture throughout the U.K. Their membership is ever increasing with around a half a million members that put on amazing events like Chelsea, Hampton Court, Tatton Park and now in its second year, Chatsworth.

The RHS is in my opinion  what makes a Great British summer ever so special.

I see the organisation as the ultimate vehicle for public awareness, which promotes learning, modern and traditional techniques and of course gardening skills. Most of all it allows its members and exhibitors to reach their full creative potential and in so doing it creates a stunning visual extravaganza for all of us.

All this  run with total professional military precision.

To be on site days before the event goes live is to witness something very special indeed. 

It is like watching a little town or community literally 'growing' out of the ground. 

Everyone doing their own little bit. It makes me feel proud to be a part of it. 

I am sure they must have a time lapse camera set up somewhere and if they don't , they certainly should. There is everything built on site .

From the temporary roads, drains, loos, staff catering, (yes of course caterers), electricians, joiners,  tents, security, communications, traffic management, press offices, have I forgotten to mention anyone?

Well yes I'm sure I've forgotten loads of different trades and people that all contribute to this terrific event behind the scenes. They all make these amazing things happen each year.

A bit like growing plants or vegetables, the RHS,  does just literally 'spring' out of the ground and provide something truly wonderful each year. Then as the show draws to a close, just like flowers being picked or vegetables harvested, so then the  show goes slowly back downwards  to the earth from which it came. And soon you'd never know it was there in the first place.   

So for my 'Oscars style acceptance speech' ( Ha Ha ) to the RHS , I'd like to thank all those amazing people behind the scenes, that make it all possible.

I can't name them all as I'd be thrown off my homemade  stage, so i'll just thank Sam Toro in particular who is our Trade stand coordinator  and very capable, calm  and professional ( and who gets a constant barrage of  texts, emails and calls from me and deals with it all patiently ) and hope that she can pass on the message to all the 'behind the scenes' workers at the RHS.

Of course to the RHS judges, a big thank you.  

I have to say we all had a glass of bubbly , or three last night to celebrate . I then stood up, nearly fell over after dinner, and pinged my glass for the family to quieten down, (that's hard in itself ) before I said in a slightly slurred very South Yorkshire accent.......

" And I'd just like to thank the caterers.... (no you silly billy, its not that speech again, my imagination has failed ME this time ...talking to myself) .... ahem (clearing my throat) 

"I'd just like to thank the RHS for our very wonderful  3 star Trade stand award. It really does mean a whole lot to us and is very special, thank you.

Sophie Morrell

Stand No. L72 

3 Star Trade stand Award

RHS Chatsworth Flower Show 2018

Here's some pictures taken from my ipad.







Where does the time go? May 04 2018

I can't believe it's May already!

It seemed like only yesterday when the boiler had completely broken down right in the middle of all that really bad snow.  I think one way of getting a grip on how the seasons change and how time passes by  is to look at your photos on an i-phone. 

It's quite incredible really. I was looking back at pictures of the kids sledging down the steep hill next to our house and trying not to end up in the river. That was only a few weeks ( or pictures ) ago.

Strange concept, time.

For the last two weeks I have been watching the cherry blossom budding in front of my office window. We've posted a few pictures of it on social media  and now its in full bloom. 

Its funny how time marches on.

When its the middle of winter and you see programmes on the tele like Antiques road show and they are always filmed on a hot summers day, its really hard to imagine what its like on a day like that. You are  sitting there with the  central heating on and its dark at 4 pm and you are huddled around a big log fire. 

And now suddenly the weathers turned for the better, the days are longer and its starting to feel like summer.

Hard to then imagine it the other way around.

I'm writing this blog this morning with the office door open, listening to the birds chirping away , looking at the cherry blossom and Jack the dog is sunbathing contentedly on the doorstep. 

Talking about time, we've just launched some new clocks. There are 5 designs to choose from. There are dogs of course, chasing their ball around the clock. 

We've called the dog clock  'Pawever is a long time.'  Lucy and Liam , our social media experts came up with some of the names and I think they well and truly  fit our quirky style of products. So thank you both for these great names.

We've also got a snuggly sheep clock doing a 'Flock around the clock'  so if you've trouble sleeping, do buy one and count the sheep backwards 12, 11, 10, 9, 8,...

Next come the rabbits with 'Hoppy hour.' Hare today gone tomorrow, enough said. 

And out of hibernation and into the warm sunshine come the hedgehogs, With their clock name, Prickly dickory, dock. 

Last of all as its approaching summer, we've got our fuzzy buzzy bees in the shape of Bee squadron. They're out of their bee hive and buzzing around  the clock. We've called them Bee on time.

We think these clocks will look great in a kitchen  and to compliment the clocks we have matching chalkboards of all the 5  character designs.  Another reminder to write something down before you forget it and before you know it you are into the middle of next week.

Clocks are priced at £27.50  and Chalkboards at £17.50 .

At some point  we will be offering personalised clocks, but we are going to see how these  designs 'tick' along first. 

The clocks and chalkboards  are launching soon, so do  keep an eye out on the website. And we'll be sure to update everyone on social media when they go live on the site. 

Social media, like an i-phone is a great way of keeping things in a timeline. It makes you think how much we do pack into our lives. There are so many different things  out there, its having the time to do it all.

A good friend once said to me , you really need to be running 7 parallel lives all at once to gain all the richness that life has to offer. I know what he meant and he may be right  and that would be pretty cool  in a way .

But we can't, not yet anyway, maybe in the future there will be some 'Time machine'  that will do that for us...Ha Ha!

For now, we are  all original beings with one life , so make sure you pack as much in as you can everyday.

Go out there in nature, come rain or shine . Every day is so different and has something very special to offer.

Its all those small special things in life  that really matter, like looking at the cherry blossom, walking the dog and playing with the kids.  If you don't get out there , time will pass you by and before you know it, May will be December again.

On that note, its time to go.


Its time for bed with Jack's story April 05 2018

Jackanory... Jackanory .. Jackanory yawn.... yawn...

If my blogs generally put you to sleep,
Then here's one that might waken you up .

Are you all sitting comfortably? Then I shall begin...

Once upon a ... No! Forget that bit , lets get  more to the point, or it will turn into one of my shaggy  dog stories.

I'll begin again....

I've been a bit slow in my monthly blogs since Christmas. Here, might just be one of the reasons why.
We acquired a new dog in January.
It was Samantha's idea and it was a certainly good one.

He's got us all out walking again, miles a day,  including the children who like to be in the garden more with Jack and he's provided a breath of fresh air.

That could be taken literally as he came at the worst time in all that really bad   snow and very cold air, that all he's really seen is lots of snow and ice. I've added a few pictures so you can see him playing in the snow.

He could be Jack Frost!

But this morning he's sat outside with me in the sunshine, laid at my feet while I'm having my morning coffee and penning this blog.


Jack is what they call a Labrador crossed with a Pointer. So I'm not sure what that makes him ? A bit of a Heinz 57 maybe? But he certainly looks like a labrador . He's  certainly got labrador traits. He's very greedy; always after food in the kitchen, so he's also known as the 'food hoover'. This is great as the children are constantly dropping bits of food. His middle name could be Henry.

He's also malting really badly at the moment, hairs everywhere! He likes to try and sleep on the sofa instead of his own bed. This gets his hairs all over the sofa. So every night we create a modern art installation, worthy of Tracy Emmins unmade bed.  I might see if the Tate are interested.

The kitchen chairs are stacked up with Edwards baby Ikea lounge chair on top to try and keep him off the sofa.

The other night we all slept through it, but Samantha  heard a big crash in the Kitchen. Jack had managed to somehow get onto a corner of the sofa by wriggling and sent one of the chairs on the  barricade  crashing off. He settled in for a cozy night on the sofa and yet more hairs!

Jack has come from the kennels as a rescue dog where he'd been for a long time. It was really quite sad, as he's only just over a year old which makes him still an overgrown puppy.

But he's now well and truly 'employed' at SM HQ as Head of Security, although he's pretty useless and never barks.  And also more importantly as Chief  Children's Entertainer.

Sophie and Edward have taken to him and love playing with him. He's very good and soft with them.  Edward  is pretty well inseparable from Jack at the moment.

There's a children's program that you might be aware of  called 'Masha and the bear.'  I'd never heard of it, until I saw Edward watching it all the time .

Its a brilliant Russian made animation series about a little girl who gets up to all sorts of mischief with a bear . The bear seems to be  always looking out for Masha. We think Edward and Jack have much of the same similarities as the TV program and Jack puts up with a lot from Edward . This is mainly we think as Edward tends to slip him custard creams, when no one is looking!

Jacks name came from a shortened version of Jackson which he'd been given.  We thought about changing it all together , but then thought it wasn't quite fair so he became Jack .

Quick and easy to call and he does come running back  on walks.
He does get a few variations now and again .

I call him Wacko-Jacko , Ajax, or Mike, for short. I did actually introduce him to The thriller video on you tube the other day in the office . So maybe he might start 'moon-pawing' when we all go out and leave him in to guard the house.

He's also called "Jack-go to Bed", or "Jack- bed" which Sophie tends to call him when trying to get him to  "GO - TO - BED- JACK".

So... Jackson Pollack, Jackson Browne, Wacko Jacko, ' Jack ' a Royal Navy term, "Don't leave me Jack!" Taken from Titanic ... whatever you are called , we all think you're pretty cool and love you lots and lots!

And most certainly its been worth spending a half an hour to write about you on a sunny morning in spring.

We'll no doubt keep you updated on his animal 'human' antics, that will likely fit in with all the other Sophie Morrell animal characters, and so much so, I'm sure that before very long there will be a 'Jack' animal character in print.

On that note , I think  it's time for "BED- JACK - anory  .... Jackanory  Jackanory ...  Jackanory.

The Christmas List November 17 2017

What are you getting for Christmas?

Have you thought yet ?

It's getting close.

I know what I  want for Christmas... the complete box set of Dad's Army.

That should take me nicely from Christmas Day to New Years Eve without interruption. 

Such classic comedy. Especially the episode  with the U boat German captain when he says:

"Your name vill also go on zee list, what is it ?"  

 And Captain Mainwaring replies "Don't tell him Pike!" 

I had sort of wondered what our furry creatures might be getting for Christmas. There are so many of them now, they've  become a little army.  Maybe we could get our customers to decide?  


Anyhow they have made a list in their own  language with lots of paw prints, so I'm sure Father Christmas will know how to interpret that, as he must get quite a lot of bad hand (paw) writing.

It does look like one of the rabbits is in charge from the picture. I hope he has got all the animals requests together. I know that rabbits  are good at multiplying so that might help, but if I find out that  little rabbit has left anyone off,

..... then his rabbit name will also go down on MY list!


Here is  a long list of creature paw prints,
it should give the big man some very nice hints
For that  special day is coming fast,
along with the flying reindeer and an icy blast.
It's time to wrap up warm and huddle together,
for winter is here and the snowy weather.
Our creature cards work for any season,
if you can think of a special loved one, 
then you've more than one reason.
So look at our funny creatures and have a think,
hmmm.... yes, I'll buy a few more as they tickle me pink. 





The Creature Feature October 05 2017

It's here, all creative great and small. 

Our new magazine styled newsletter that goes out to both trade and retail customers in two slightly different versions and we've called it The Creature Feature.

It is a monthly emailed update, styled to look like a magazine front cover. It has all  our new card designs and current offers and bits of gossip  about our animal characters.

There are the news headlines;  who's dating who and who is the bestselling  celebrity animal of the month.

Candid interviews  with  some of the creatures  and how they coping with  their pictures on greeting cards all over the world.

We'll be doing a special feature on high earner Mr. Wayne Dear,  the little  reindeer.  He'll be telling us all about what it is like coping with fame from an early age and  how he has become a Christmas icon. His recent success in Switzerland with his  picture on Christmas cards there being sold in very high numbers and how that   has catapulted him to the  stars and conquered his fear of flying.

There's a blog on our hedgehogs, how they love having fun in the autumn leaves and what its like being prickly and preparing for winter hibernation.

Our wise guys , the little owls share a book review and discuss what its like staying up all night and being a real night owl.

And lots more besides.

So we hope you enjoy our new monthly update that goes out to all our customers on our email list. The animals might just become the new Hello magazine of the animal world.

Introducing The Creature Feature...... All creative great and small.    


Bee Happy July 25 2017

Its July and we've bee-n so busy with  RHS Flower shows, Hampton Court, Tatton Park  and the Harrogate Home and Gift trade show, that this  month has literally 'flown' by.

So I'm just writing a short blog post for what is left of the month as we need to catch up on all the orders. We've bee-n busy bees.

Its always a lovely time of year to meet our customers face to face, both trade and retail  and what always seems to come through in the great British summer  is our  great love of bees.

A couple of years ago I put together a little range called Bee Squadron and do you know its still so popular that we might even expand it with some new bee and floral ranges combined.

Reminiscent of Spitfires and their pilots from the 1940’s, Bee Squadron are their own little heroes and flying machines, all built into one. English country gardens, brimming with wildflowers and foliage are the setting for their oversized world.

Bee Squadron is led by a dashing little bee. Yellow Leader “Buzz” Bumble is seen here, pictured with his flying goggles.



Buzzing from A to Bee, he happily leads his bees on Mission Make-Bee-lieve.

You can bee sure, as bee cards, they are busy flying around the world spreading your written words...and honey of course.

Here are some Bee facts we've taken from the internet. Whether they are all true or not, I'm not sure, but they make interesting reading.

There are absolutely loads of facts about bees, but I chose eight as I'm feeling  rather hungry and its time  I ate some honey on toast. A great afternoon pick me up.


1. Honey bees must gather nectar from two million flowers to make one pound of honey.

2.The bees’ buzz is the sound made by their wings which beat 11,400 times per minute.

3. Honey bees communicate with one another by dancing. That's like one of our cards.. Beehive Jive.

4. A honey bee can fly for up to six miles, and as fast as 15 miles per hour.

5. A honey bee visits 50 to 100 flowers during a collection trip.

6. The average bee will make only 1/12th of a teaspoon of honey in its lifetime.

7. When a bee finds a good source of nectar it flies back to the hive and shows its friends where the nectar source is by doing a dance which positions the flower in relation to the sun and hive. This is known as the 'waggle dance.'

8.The honey bee is the only insect that produces food eaten by man.


 That's it................BEE HAPPY!






Unexpected item in bagging area... June 06 2017

Ever used one of those self service checkouts in the super market?

I'm sure you have. Well for me, until recently, it was a really big deal. The thought of standing and waiting for the cashier at the back of a long queue with a handful of shopping items can  be rather irritating. So I thought I'd have a go. 

I would say it works for me about 30% of the time before I get the voice... "Unexpected item in bagging area, assistance required" 

In my reality I don't require assistance, that's why I've come  to  use the machine in the first place. I don't want to wait in the queue and I don't want to engage in conversation particularly.  So the idea of a SACAT , or semi-attended customer-activated terminal to be correct, is quite appealing.

Because to me, it should just work.

You work left to right and scan the items across the barcode scanner and then place the items in the baggage area. At the end you add a bag, or not, and simply pay.

For me something invariably goes wrong. First at the barcode stage and then in the bagging area and the hovering attendant  has to intervene. It's usually around a piece of veg like a carrot that has be looked up in the mass of on-screen vegetables, or a chocolate croissant  which is in another touch screen look up table. The piece de la resistance is a bottle of wine. Yes I'm over 21!

So I feel quite humble ( the SACAT was actually invented by David R. Humble) and silly when the supervisor has to step in.

The attendants by the way are brilliant. They just punch in some keys and zap the terminal  with a reset zapper and its all back to normal again until the next almond croissant causes mayhem.

It does  remind me of a rather simplified version of when the computer goes wrong in 2001 A Space Odyssey. "I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that" 

Digressing here more than slightly into total irrelevance , the malfunctioning, bad boy  computer in the 2001 film was known as a HAL9000. It had its name chosen for the story as being one letter either side of IBM , the original mainframe computers of the day. Amazing hey! And what interesting trivia , I hear you say, shall I quote more? 

No, I'll get back to my point, or lack of it.  I  usually waffle on to the point of boredom. My point being I suppose is technology.

It should just work. And for me it doesn't.

These electronic contraptions should all be  easy, you zap the item left to right , the machine works it all out and you just pay.

Devices are another thing. iPhones , iPads and laptops and ridiculous apps for everything , yes everything.

You can't do anything anymore, you need an app to do it for you.

Or when you get the app , you need to update it, or it won't work properly .

Why? It was working perfectly well before.

But then the little men inside the app who have been working tirelessly night and day to update the app to make it work even better for me , then send  a message to 'log on' to do an 'update'. Log on to me is putting another log on the fire.

And do  an update. Why? You need to re-enter your password. Why?   You've forgotten your password. Yes of course I have. Why is all this necessary? Why can't it all be done for me ? Or everything remain exactly as it was before? I really don't need an update.

It is my age I'm sure of it. If I was young I'd just love tinkering with those apps , having millions of them for this and that and adding the right software to make everything work as fast as possible. But I don't like doing it at all, in fact I can't stand it , I just want it to work and not give me any lip, or send me trite messages. 

On that note we are actually introducing a new website for our trade customers.  This 'should' make their ordering experience easier.

Its a sister site that will sit alongside our retail site and be accessible only by password... oh dear I hear you say. It will give our customers all their trade pricing and access to the products and hopefully speed up the ordering system.

That's the theory anyway . We may however, end up with unexpected items in the baggage area and our customers will start getting almond croissants and carrots with their orders. 


The Pup World Cup April 18 2017

Yup, its the Pup World Cup.

Our little Scruffy dog has taken the initiative and teamed up all his doggy mates to form a team for football and rugby. Right now he's got 11 players for footy and 15 players for rugger.


In a recent and rare  interview with Scruffy, (pictured below)


he told us how he'd put his team together. The interview came about as part of our first instalment of sports writing for our new monthly trade and retail magazine, 'The Creature Feature.' 

The Creature Feature lets you know all the latest news and what all the animals are up to. The latest headlines, gossip columns, new animals and the rising stars and who is dating who. There's a classified section, sports and interviews , homewares and gifts section and much more.


So Scruffy told his story through a visual  intepretation which consisted of lots of tail wagging, yapping, whining, paw scratching and running around in ever decreasing circles.

We basically had to figure  out  what he was trying to say.

But it all became very evident when we met all his other doggy friends and they all began chasing his ball.

At first it was total chaos in the park and there were fights and arguments over whose ball it was. But they all eventually settled down and realised they were better when they formed a team and worked together.

All the  dogs in the team are a mixture of  abilities, breeds and Heinz 57 varieties  and all come in  different shapes and sizes.

For rugby it was  easy for Scruffy to put his squad together  and we can see from one of the card designs where he's placed them on the field. The heavier and bigger dogs are the forwards and the little faster  ones are the backs.  


For football there is  less information available and little understanding of tactical positions, but we gather the team  are  made up of more expensive dogs and ones who are a little more precious.


Anyhow the long and short of it is there is a team in the making  . So Scruffy as their star player, coach and manager wants to get them all playing in their first World cup. 

So we thought we'd ask all our customers for some ideas and maybe we could form some new teams in different team colours and nationalities and bring them all together  for a world cup match. What we need are some more types of dogs, breeds and non breeds to make it more fun.  We could even have the 'odd' cat in there to show inclusion and diversity in these changing times. 


We'd need to know the animals abilities, their form and if  they can chase  the ball and catch it, dribble, pass , tackle , bark, (meow, if necessary), scratch, wag tails, pant and generally work together. 


We'll ask Lucy to look into it and put something out on social media and see if our customers might send in some pictures of their lovely pets with their balls and then we can base some more illustrations on the favourites and hand out a few Scruffy dog notebooks or cards  to the owners of the  teams that gets picked.

It'll be  the first ever Pup World Cup!



Rap, wrap, rap and lots more wrap December 15 2016

"Ground floor; Perfumery, stationary and leather goods, wigs and haberdashery, kitchenware and food." 
"Going up…"


"First floor; Telephones, gents ready  made suits, shirts, suits, ties, hats, underwear, and shoes." 
"Going up…"


Are you ‘young' enough to remember the 1970’s?
The famous  and brilliant theme tune for "Are you being served?" was one of the first examples that introduced us, as a British population to rap music. 
What an amazing bit of trivia!


Rap uses  spoken word, or chanted rhyming lyrics in time to a simple beat; or rap.
All the elements performed in the 1970’s are indistinguishable from modern day rap music as we now  know it.  
And rap music although we think its modern, dates back with school yard chants, clapping games and skipping rope rhymes and actually finds its roots back  in the 16th Century.


"Second floor; Carpets, travel goods, and bedding, materials, soft furnishings, restaurants, and ties." 
"Going down…"


Wrap; or gift wrapping paper by contrast, was first used in ancient China where paper was invented in the 2nd century BC. It first became really popular to ‘wrap ‘  presents in 1917 when a pair of brothers running a stationary store  in Kansas City ran out of their standard inventory of tissue paper. 
Needing a quick replacement, they found in their supplies a stack of ‘fancy French paper’. The paper was not meant for display, but for lining envelopes.
The paper sold out immediately.  The brothers, Joyce and Rollie Hall became known as Hallmark.


"First floor; Telephones, gents ready  made suits, shirts, suits, ties, hats, underwear, and shoes." 
"Going down…"


Do I have a point to this story?  
Er… no, not really. 
Its just another bit of trivia.
But its a way of connecting you with our new line of wrapping paper. 


So I thought I’d just combine a few words and sentences together on two topics which are totally unrelated. Except they have the same phonetically sounding word.
Maybe I should  take the rap now and write my own rap song? 
A monotonous shaggy dog story with a simple beat, that has little, or no point?
Oh… of course, I've written the story already!


Are you still reading this? 
He’s gone mad. He’s lost it completely this time, I can almost  hear you say.  
And with that there  should be  a loud ‘rap’  at the door and the men in the white coats will come to take me away. 


"Ground floor; Perfumery, stationary and leather goods, wigs and haberdashery, kitchenware and food." 
"Going up…"


Please hold the door!  
I want to get off.
Its the ground floor and the stationary department and lots of new Sophie Morrell wrapping paper to look at and a rap song to write... 


"I'm getting in a flap with my little rhyme of rap,
trying to bridge the generation gap,
I let my hands clap and my feet tap,
trying out a song to put Sophie Morrell on the map"


Oh well at least I tried....
I think I'll stick to designing Wrap.


With acknowledgement and courtesy to:
BBC : Are you being Served?
Writers: David Croft and Jeremy Lloyd
Theme music composer: Ronnie Hazelhurst

Employee of the Month November 24 2016

The other day I was really  taken aback. Those pesky little animals had answered back. While I was out the back , they had all got together for a little chat. 

I actually know the ring leader is a little blue duck called Jack. Because he kept saying it's all water off a ducks back. Well it might be now, but when I  look back, I can see that he liked to quack, quack, quack.

He's as sharp as a tack that little Jack and he's apparently been keeping track, studying our sales figures which are now well and truly in the black. So instead of just sitting back, little Jack was on the inside track and acted off his own back. He could see he was very popular and his picture was selling stacks and stacks and stacks. And that  little duck  liked to quack, quack quack.

So he decided to change tack and banded together all the other animals so they could have their very own little card packs.

He went behind my back did that naughty little Jack and he phoned our printers for a bit of a yack. I must admit that he had the knack for seeing our customers might like to buy our new and cute card packs.

He put a handkerchief over the telephone and spoke in a muffled tone impersonating me, so there wouldn't be any come back. Our printers went ahead and produced stacks and stacks and stacks of our new card packs. 

A stab in the back from this little quack?

I was so cross, I blew my stack. I thought, I know...  I'll  hire a mafia hitman to give him a 'whack'.  

Calming down I then thought there'd be some 'come back' and plenty of flack if the poor little duck received a sudden attack .

Instead I wouldn't hold back, I would  hand him his P45, show him the door and give him the sack! 

But he's a tough nut to crack that sharp little Jack, he'd know his own employee rights and that would be my draw back.

About this time  the card packs arrived, right on track. I looked at  the animal packs piled high in a stack and thought I've been a bit hard on poor little Jack. He's  very entrepreneurial  as a matter of fact!

If he entered 'The Apprentice'  he'd give it a crack , but Alan Sugar would surely fire him, for answering back.

Instead we've now honoured bold little Jack and written his name on a special plaque, To Jack our very special 'Employee of the Month'

....this bit doesn't rhyme,  as by now I've completely  lost track. 

There are 26 different  card packs to choose from. We have shown a sample of them here. 

Would you like roast duck for Christmas Lunch? I'm giving one away, but he doesn't know it yet!

He'd make a nice snack, would cute little Jack. 





Half and half again October 31 2016

Half term has just ended and its back to normal for a while, until the next school holiday. What to do with the little ones  to keep them entertained has always been a tricky one. Sophie and I found a solution.

I'm quite good at making paper aeroplanes. A grown up (love that word) showed me when I was very young and I've never forgotten. My planes look like Concorde in shape and do actually fly like a dart, doing a loop the loop, with a bit of skill of course. Sophie is very good at getting them to fly over the sitting room beams and then make them land on the beams and we can't get them down, except with a long broom handle.  

So we thought we'd go a step further and bend a few bits of paper in half and give our animal card characters  another dimension. I always thought Origami (the ancient Japanese art of paper folding) was too hard, or tedious to try. But its actually really good fun, at least at our basic level.

All you need is a piece of paper cut to a square. Its easy for us, as all our cards are square. The easiest thing is get some A4 printer paper and either guillotine, or cut it down into a square.  We then found some very easy to follow instructions  on the web and hey presto we were in business with some little creature creations.

When you have made the basic shape of your creatures all you have to do is draw in the facial features of the  animal you've made. Admittedly we went for the really easy ones, but you have to start somewhere. So we can now make a dog, a cat, a rabbit and a pig. The pig is actually the same as the dog, but you have to draw it in and  make it look like a pig.

Do I have your attention so far? And are you sitting comfortably... then I'll begin. I am  just going to show you how to make a dog today. We have modelled the dog on one our cards, Scruffy the dog.

I am only going to show you how to make  the dog, because if I make  the cat and the rabbit, it might be a little long  and you'll probably fall asleep. If you like how we make  the dog, please let  me know and I'll do another blog with the rabbit and the cat. They are all pretty easy really and just variations on a theme.

First take your square piece of paper. Angle it so there's a bottom point and a top point, see below.

Fold the bottom to the top in half and crease. You have a triangle.

Fold in half again, the left side to the right side . You have another triangle.


Open the piece of paper out again and flip it around through 180 deg,so the long piece is at the top and pointy bit at the bottom.


Now to make the dogs ears bend the paper down at an angle on the left side slightly away from the halfway crease. Do the same on the right side. You should have two floppy dogs ears.

Then  bend the front pointy bit at the bottom upwards and flat to create the mouth.Bend the tip of the triangle back again behind to create the top of the nose. Nearly done. Now bend backwards  at the halfway crease to create the overall shape of the dog,  

Lastly, start filling in your dogs features. Scruffy here always has a wet nose and his tongue out trying to catch his ball.

And that's it you're done. Here are some wacky creations we've done. Along with a few of the other animals. I hope you can guess what they are... we are still beginners!

It's really good and simple fun and  you won't forget how to make these paper animals as they are very easy. You can also pass it on as a 'grown up'  and score a few  brownie points with some little ones you know at the next half term.  



Scents, seasons and somewhere called home. September 01 2016


Do you ever get those sweet smells and special scents of summer that remind us of home?

And do you ever notice when the seasons are ever so slightly changing?

When its winter and dark and Christmas and we're unwrapping presents, its hard to remember summer, unless you get a special smell that reminds you and then you can picture it instantly.

But then its spring and things change again with all the tulips and skipping lambs . And then everything bursts into life in May and June and life is rich in colour.

 I hope I don't get into trouble by quoting from Evelyn Waugh, but he had such an amazing way of describing England in the summer. 


" I have been here before" I said. I had been there before, first with Sebastian more than twenty years ago on a cloudless day in June when the ditches were creamy with meadow sweet and the air heavy with all the scents of summer...

Brideshead Revisited by Evelyn Waugh


And that's it isn't it? It really doesn't matter where you are in the world, there's no place quite like home and England, (for me anyway) in the summer.

We sat out in the garden at a family gathering one fine evening in August and my brother commented on the rich smells at dusk.

It had been a dry sunny day with a soft warm wind and it pushed in the dusty scent of the  wheat harvest that had just begun. That smell was coupled with hay from  the meadow in front of our house that had just been cut the day before and was just like the scent you get before  sipping a camomile tea. It was also ever so slightly damp and you could smell the wet earth, as the dew was starting to rise  in the late evening air. 

Once when I was traveling up the west coast of America, I stayed in a Bed and Breakfast, miles from anywhere in the middle of winter, in some small logging town in Oregon. The owner offered me a cup of camomile tea at bedtime and all those rich and hazy scents of an English summer came rushing back. I felt homesick.

So you see wherever you are in the world and it doesn't just have to be England, I only quote it as I know it so well, there's a rich smell and a reminder of home somewhere, for all of us.

It's the first day of  September today and I've noticed the nights are slowly drawing in. The earth smells different again. The fields are getting ploughed up and there's that rich smell of the soil being turned upside down and it all smells fresh again. Its also a sign that the seasons are on the turn. Not quite yet, we are still holding on to summer but  there's a change in the air. How long before we get the smell of wood smoke and leaves slowly drifting in the damp evening air? A few more weeks yet. We'll then turn our minds to autumn and winter and being cuddled up indoors by the fire and looking forward to Christmas.

So on that note I've broken up my  self indulgent little essay and thought I'd introduce some of our new ranges that are heading your way very soon.  We've introduced lots of the quirky animal characters  onto products like oven gloves, tea towels, aprons, cushion covers, trays, etc.

Its kept us very busy producing and designing all these new products, so we can get them out and into the shops for September. So much so that this  year, (like all the Snuggly sheep) has just skipped by.

Sometimes you just have to stand still, like we did that night in August and breathe in slowly through your nose and take note of all the beauty that is around you, wherever you are in the world..... and wherever you call home.


Here are a few images of our new Snuggly Sheep range that will be skipping your way very soon. They might even get bought up as presents for Christmas.



Our animals are flying the flag. With of course... flying reindeer! July 23 2016

We've just launched a collection of new products this year.

So we thought now is  a good time to fly the flag and shout about it. Here are some of the animals that wanted to be included in our little press release.

There are special ranges with the sheep and hens on them. Scruffy the dog, the foxes, the hedgehogs, the rabbits, the ducks, the bees, the penguins, the cows, the sheep.

I don't think I've missed anyone out?



Well its taken a lot of work and lots of time planning the new designs and how they are going to sit alongside our existing card and picture ranges.

We are also working with some new suppliers who have been very supportive and brilliant to work alongside and offer their extensive insight.

The best bit of it is, all our new and 'existing' products are made here in the UK.



That's something I've been told I don't make enough of, when chatting to our customers.

So I am now and I am very proud to tell all our customers that everything is designed and  Made in Britain.  We always wanted to do this right from the start, as we feel it's very important to have British made products.

It's a short read this time around, but just to let everyone know that we have brought out new ranges of aprons, oven gloves, cushion covers, tea towels, bags, coasters, placemats, chopping boards, trays and notebooks... is that it? 

Yes I think that's about the extent of it, oh yes I know I did forget there will be sheets of wrapping paper in time for Christmas with the reindeer on.... of course!

I  mean who could forget Wayne Dear. He is famous, or he likes to think he is.

So keep a look out on the website as we will be updating  the new product ranges soon. We are already selling them directly to retail at our shows and are introducing them to our trade customers next week to appear in their shops very soon.

So that's it for this blog. There will be more on our individual ranges soon and we'll be sure to let you know what's flying out of the door, it will be sure to include one very 'famous' flying reindeer who, will also be flying the flag! 




Its a long road without a turning February 17 2016

By the very nature of creativity, artists, photographers, painters, or anyone involved with imagery know what its like to look at their work objectively, while trying to see their end goal.
There are always going to be hurdles along the road, up and downs for anyone. I think that we as creatives find it particularly hard to always keep the determination going.

Its a long road without a turning.

There's never been  a truer saying.

But thats exactly what you must do. 

Keep going down that road and never give up.

Its so important to always maintain a positive outlook; a sense of purpose, a self believe and a focus with what you are doing. So that one day it will all come out right. At the same time keep a sense of humour and laugh at yourself.
Despite the odds sometimes stacked against you, always keep going as whatever you are good at, you will eventually get there.
If you lack creativity or inspiration, start again by noticing  the small details that are all around you every day. If you just open your eyes wide enough your imagination  will find its own course.
Even mundane tasks around the house or traveling to work by car is a great way to do just that. To let your mind calmly wander while doing a fairly robotic task, can actually help your creativity and self belief.
By contrast to my life now, but as an example, I used to have a very special journey to work  each day.

Twenty years ago I was lucky enough  to live in California.  I moved back to England in the mid nineties.
California was the start of my life as a creative artist. I still have those pictures as clear as day in my mind. I still see the day breaking from so many different angles and casting its light onto shapes all around me.
4.30 am is about the time I used to get up for work and then leave at 5 am to beat the rush hour for my drive into Los Angeles.
A long and winding road, without a turning.
But the very nature of it was something quite extraordinary.
It was a drive that took an hour and a half, but it was worth every minute of it, just  to live by the ocean. Chasing the dawn, I'd see one picture, slowly turning into another with vast differences in landscape and shadows on that 90 mile drive.

I’d leave a beautiful Santa Barbara with a  cool sea mist rising. Not a soul on the road and I'd follow Highway 101 along  the pacific ocean. 
As the sun was just creeping out of bed, i'd watch the flickering of a dawn cast its red tentacles out over the ocean and silhouette the oil rigs and nodding donkeys.
I'd  head east at Ventura on the 126 and drive through fields upon fields of orange groves, lit like glowing tea lights with the rising sun.
At Castaic Junction I’d hit Interstate 5 and immediately head south and see the outline of Six Flags magic mountain, a  grotesque  theme park rising out of the desert like a huge rattlesnake.
Then I would suddenly be in a wilderness of arid mountain rock . Huge slabs of stone that ran almost perpendicular , meeting other rocks at right angles; surging out of the earth and completely at odds with the landscape.
The rocks were covered in a warm yellow glow as the sun angled in at 30 degrees.

It was the San Andreas fault. 

By this time  traffic had started to build with gargantuan semi trailer oil trucks grunting and spluttering exhaust fumes. You could hear them as they braked to slow on the downhill grade, air brakes hissing and wheezing.  I’d usually get stuck behind one of these  aluminium monsters and be blinded by it as the  easterly sun now in full view was reflected in the sides of the truck.
 All I could do was slow down to well below the 55 mph speed limit and take in what was all around me.
To my left was the Newhall interchange , a huge elevated freeway intersection, not dissimilar to Six Flags a few miles back. Only this was a real rollercoaster ride , a real road that linked and split the Interstate 5 and the state route 14 highway.
The rest of my  journey felt the morning heat rise over the San Fernando valley.
I’d watch the smog completely blanket the horizon, as i nudged my way into the sprawling city. All this gave me ideas and thoughts about a city, but I couldn’t quite formulate it. 
I'd watch these freeways overladen with cars, pickup trucks and vans all slowly  heading somewhere on that long road.
Eventually  I would get to Pasadena just in time for a morning coffee , before turning in for work at the photographic studio.
I had already been living in the States for 3 years and had worked as a photographic assistant, having graduated with a B.A degree. So getting work around the studios of L.A was easy . I had also  honed a personal interest in  the  art deco architecture that littered Los Angeles. Watching too many pop culture films  like Blade Runner and reading Raymond Chandler crime novels probably didn't  help.
I would photograph these fabulous buildings, some in a state of decay and left over from the golden age of Hollywood.
As a side line to a humdrum assistants job, this helped me get my own  photographic career off the ground and I picked up my first clients. My clients liked  the look and style  of my portfolio and hired me to shoot their products.
Their  company supplied  background props to the movie industry and they wanted me to document their inventory of hundreds of 1940's household electrical items.
If you've ever watched LA confidential, China town, or any famous 1940’s/50’s period movie;  you’d probably have glimpsed a toaster, a blender, or an old vacumn cleaner lurking momentarily  in the background. Their Machine Age props set the tone and styling for a period film.
In those days documenting a product shot meant shooting it on black and white kodak tri-x film. I processed it myself and then scanned the film  very slowly into some of the earliest apple macs at my work place. 
Computers were very slow back then with not much memory or speed. 
Through my work I had got hooked on the first versions of Adobe photoshop. I taught myself  how to use it and eagerly embraced this fledgling technology.
I could see it had great potential.
I also started to look at my product shots in a different way. I was looking at each blender, mixer, vacumn cleaner and toaster as though it was a science fiction vehicle, or a building.
I would then reshoot it from a low angle and these products suddenly took on a totally different form.
I started playing around with them on the computer and manipulating them in this early version of photoshop.
In those days there was no such thing as layers where you can place one image on top of another, like tracing paper pages in a book. There were no multiple undos.
So I had to be very exacting and precise with each image.
Saving multiple images in varying states of completion.
It was like slowly making a painting. 
Gradually I built all these household objects into a vast cityscape. It was the idea that I'd being thinking about on my long morning drives , but couldn't quite place it.
Now it was slowly formulating into a vast and complicated image.
I came up with a name and called the city 'Appliance'. it was a nod and a wink to Gotham city, or  the science fiction cityscape in Blade Runner. 
It was different, original and somehow it all worked.
There was  just  one thing missing. 
How could I define the roads and freeways of a big sprawling metropolis?
The 5/14 interchange of course. 
I drove past it everyday.

So I went back to it one weekend and stood directly underneath its huge monolithic curves. A road with no end; that weaved and curled into the distance.
I photographed it, scanned it and added it to my Appliance city.

The following week I was just about to reach for the alarm clock it was getting up time, about  4.30 am  and work was calling. The clock suddenly bounced erratically off the bedside table before I could turn it off. There was a massive noise which threw me out of bed , jolting and jarring up and down like a jack hammer.
The room was shaking, the ceiling fan swaying, pictures fell off the wall. 
I struggled out into the corridor, only to watch the wooden floor in the sitting room rise and fall like a huge ocean wave.
I reached the front door and staggered out into  the garden where there were no heavy objects or masonry immediately overhead. Dawn was just breaking, but I could make out the electric poles dipping, swaying and arcing in the dim light.
It was 17th January 1994 and I’d just experienced my first earthquake. 
And it was a pretty significant one.
So big it had caused the whole interchange I had stood beneath a week previously, to completely collapse. 
It also stopped me driving to work for quite a while after that as the freeways had to be repaired. So I spent more time with my cityscapes on a friends computer and slowly developed these strange images into a whole series. 
Eventually they were entered into a design competition in New York, which they won. That resulted into being signed to what was to become one of the major stock picture  libraries. Following that exposure, I was picked up by advertising agencies in London and New York, who liked my style.
So the moral (or Morrell) of this story is keep going, keep thinking.
As you don't know what's around the next corner, or where that turning is going to be.

My work to this day, even though now completely different in its structure , still derives its ideas, thought processes  and  concepts from my formative work.
Drawing, sketching, photography, computer manipulation, whatever process is necessary to complete the task.

It is really all about taking a single thought, a glimpse of something that is all  around us, everyday. In my case that might be an animal, or an object and watching it change in the light and then drawing or photographing it.
Having fun with it, not taking it too seriously, but at the same time recreating it with lots and lots of detail into something quite extraordinary. 

And then that simple thought or object will have taken on an entirely different persona as light and shade find it.
That road for me has been a very long one, with ups and downs, twists and turns and a near miss. Its a journey we all take, one way or another, whether we like it or not. 

The important thing is to never give up on your dreams  and to stay focused, keeping a good sense of humour.
Even if you are not sure what you have as an idea in your head, hang on to it and let it evolve into something special.
Keep your eyes  wide open and calmly let your mind wander. 

Keep going along the road. For one day that road will have a turning and it will grant you unimaginable opportunities.

All images by Richard Morrell, courtesy of Corbis Images.

Cheeky Monkeys February 10 2016

My little daughter has a monkey called Leo and another one called More Leo.
It’s a bit of a long story, but here is the abridged version.

A long time ago in a jungle many miles away, there lived a little monkey.
He was a cheeky little monkey and was always getting into mischief and forever getting lost.
Cheeky monkey was also not very loved. So one day he answered an advert in
the Jungle Times  for employment to  become a  companion to a little girl .
He spoke to one of his elephant friends and made a trunk call to England and
amazingly he got offered the job. 

He  packed his suitcase full of bananas, said good bye to all the other monkeys and bought
a ticket on the banana boat.
Pretty soon he had beaten all the other teddy bears and soft toy bunnies to the top job.
He was companion Number One.
And boy was he happy. He went everywhere.
One summers day while we were all having a picnic in the forest, he got lost.
We asked the park rangers to find him and nobody could.
So as a very concerned parent I raced off and bought a little lion soft toy which was the nearest equivalent to Cheeky monkey. (some imagination is required here)
Well the Lion became known as Leo, but strangely enough he disappeared after a week in a shopping mall. ( I think possibly he couldn’t take the pressure of the job and conveniently disappeared)
About this time, Cheeky monkey suddenly reappeared!
He had fallen asleep in the picnic basket and not heard anyone calling him.


So Cheeky monkey was actually renamed as ‘Leo' from that day onwards. 
The lion obviously  took on further employment at the shopping mall, as we never saw him again. He was a lazy lion.
As a preventative measure, I then found another Cheeky monkey  who got the job as Leo’s stunt double. Just in case 'Leo' (the renamed monkey) happened to go AWOL again. This one was named 'More Leo'.
Well at first there was a bit of rivalry a bit like Woody and Buzz in Toy Story.
But when things settled down, Leo and More Leo got on famously. They both liked  being hurled around the room together, used as weapons of mass destruction and going through the washing machine together.
All the things cheeky monkeys  do. 
Its actually a tough job and requires a degree of physical fitness, unmatched by any of the other soft toys.  Occasionally More Leo would get left behind or vice versa and each one of them would take a well earned rest. 
WAKE UP….PLEASE!  I’m nearly there. Yes, its a shaggy (monkey) dog story, with not much point. 
As you might already know, this is the Year of the Monkey 2016.
So we’ve decided to make a monkey range of cards. 
The Cheeky Monkees range  is coming very soon. 
And guess what... Leo has gone missing again!
He might be heading off to China this time, to join in the celebrations, or back to the jungle for more bananas. He might have been Monkey-napped and we’ll receive a ransom note soon. 
More Leo, of course is very upset without his companion and so is one little girl.
The truth is, we lost him from the shopping trolley in Sainsbury's.
If anyone does see Leo on their travels… please be sure to let us know.