About Us

Sophie Morrell designs cute and quirky imagery for blank greeting cards, framed prints and giftware.

Our ranges are largely based on animals and birds,

all creatures great and small.

Soft pastels, together with overlapping hearts, subtly suggest most occasions.

This makes our designs more versatile, without always having the need for a printed message.

Sophie Morrell is very much a 'small' family business.The company is named after our little daughter. We thought Sophie's name had a softer sound to it.

With a B.A degree in photography and design, it is actually Richard who creates all the images and Samantha does all the selling and the packaging.We've also now enrolled a few extra helpers along the way.

Living in the English countryside, inspiration and ideas are all around us. More exotic animals are taken from our travel adventures. A sprinkling  of dry humour rounds off our characters and that makes us all smile.  

Our products sell to both retail and trade customers and we export to several countries.

To become a Sophie Morrell stockist, please enquire.

We really enjoy the fun of creating these cute characters, both great and small and bringing them to life. So much so, they've become a part of our growing family.

All creative, great and small.