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Sophie Morrell designs cute and quirky imagery for blank greeting cards, gifts and personalised products.

Our ranges are largely based around nature and animals, with a sprinkling of dry humour added to the mix.

We are a small family business based in Yorkshire and all our products are designed and made in England.

Any 10 cards for £15

Any 10 cards for £15

  • "So it's game on then?"

    Fred loves playing fetch with his ball, especially if Scruff the cat is around!

    Dogs Dinners 
  • Sunshine Meadow

    Our new sunflower cards are becoming very popular and have only been out for a few weeks. They are enhanced further when our buzzing little Bee Squadron appear in some of the designs!

    Bee Squadron 
  • Wildflowers Happy Birthday

    We've mixed up the wildflowers to make alphabet letters, birthday numbers and combined them with bees, cats and dogs and left them as colourful lovely flowers. A super popular range!

    Flower power 
  • Autumn

    Autumn has just arrived with the scattering of a few leaves . The light has changed too. It seems sharper in the sunshine and softer in the shadows. The days are still quite long but colder at night. A new season has begun. Our garden tree has inspired many images, especially the Friendly Forest.

    The Friendly Forest 
  • Rich colours

    Rich and warm autumn colours , yellows, reds, copper, ochre, they are all around us. The trees are magificent now with their colours, and squirrels and rabbits are everywhere. We are keeping a look out for the hedgehogs too. It is such inspiration for new animal characters and nature designs.

    The Hedge Blog 
  • Playful Serendipity

    Finding something beautiful without looking for it. Light hearted inspiration for our sheep characters arrived rather unexpectedly. Each year a flock of sheep appear in the field at the back of our house. It took me around twenty minutes to sketch out some very simple heart shapes, heads and feet. And yet the Snuggly Sheep remain an absolute favourite, playful, affectionate and suitable for everyone.

    Snuggly Sheep 

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