A Big Cheer For Wayne Dear


An uplifting and tender children's story of courage and determination. All about family, friendship and togetherness. Written in rhyming couplets, it has a subtle mixture of dry humour with a little twist at the end. Suitable for children of all ages, including a few grown ups too!

Approximately 1000 words long, it makes a nice little 10 minute read at bed time.

Book size: 230mm x 230mm, glued and section sewn, it is 36 pages front to back and printed on uncoated paper, with a glossy cover.

A magical story for little ones everywhere...
and grown ups that are still just a little bit little.

When a single present is left under the tree,
a little reindeer cries "Oh dear me!"

For Wayne is his name and he's doing his best,
to fly high in the air from east to west.

His reindeer friends had to leave him behind,
to deliver the presents they've been assigned.

With this forgotten present firmly in-hoof,
he looks at the tracks on each snowy roof.

The other reindeer left a long time ago,
so it's hard to follow their tracks in the snow.

He doesn't like heights, but he keeps on trying,
being a little braver, certainly helps his flying.

Can he find his friends, to give them a warning?
Can he deliver the gift before Christmas morning?

Now, lets meet Wayne Dear and all of his friends,
then you can find out how the story ends.

Product code: WDBK1

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