Where does the time go?

I can't believe it's May already!

It seemed like only yesterday when the boiler had completely broken down right in the middle of all that really bad snow.  I think one way of getting a grip on how the seasons change and how time passes by  is to look at your photos on an i-phone. 

It's quite incredible really. I was looking back at pictures of the kids sledging down the steep hill next to our house and trying not to end up in the river. That was only a few weeks ( or pictures ) ago.

Strange concept, time.

For the last two weeks I have been watching the cherry blossom budding in front of my office window. We've posted a few pictures of it on social media  and now its in full bloom. 

Its funny how time marches on.

When its the middle of winter and you see programmes on the tele like Antiques road show and they are always filmed on a hot summers day, its really hard to imagine what its like on a day like that. You are  sitting there with the  central heating on and its dark at 4 pm and you are huddled around a big log fire. 

And now suddenly the weathers turned for the better, the days are longer and its starting to feel like summer.

Hard to then imagine it the other way around.

I'm writing this blog this morning with the office door open, listening to the birds chirping away , looking at the cherry blossom and Jack the dog is sunbathing contentedly on the doorstep. 

Talking about time, we've just launched some new clocks. There are 5 designs to choose from. There are dogs of course, chasing their ball around the clock. 

We've called the dog clock  'Pawever is a long time.'  Lucy and Liam , our social media experts came up with some of the names and I think they well and truly  fit our quirky style of products. So thank you both for these great names.

We've also got a snuggly sheep clock doing a 'Flock around the clock'  so if you've trouble sleeping, do buy one and count the sheep backwards 12, 11, 10, 9, 8,...

Next come the rabbits with 'Hoppy hour.' Hare today gone tomorrow, enough said. 

And out of hibernation and into the warm sunshine come the hedgehogs, With their clock name, Prickly dickory, dock. 

Last of all as its approaching summer, we've got our fuzzy buzzy bees in the shape of Bee squadron. They're out of their bee hive and buzzing around  the clock. We've called them Bee on time.

We think these clocks will look great in a kitchen  and to compliment the clocks we have matching chalkboards of all the 5  character designs.  Another reminder to write something down before you forget it and before you know it you are into the middle of next week.

Clocks are priced at £27.50  and Chalkboards at £17.50 .

At some point  we will be offering personalised clocks, but we are going to see how these  designs 'tick' along first. 

The clocks and chalkboards  are launching soon, so do  keep an eye out on the website. And we'll be sure to update everyone on social media when they go live on the site. 

Social media, like an i-phone is a great way of keeping things in a timeline. It makes you think how much we do pack into our lives. There are so many different things  out there, its having the time to do it all.

A good friend once said to me , you really need to be running 7 parallel lives all at once to gain all the richness that life has to offer. I know what he meant and he may be right  and that would be pretty cool  in a way .

But we can't, not yet anyway, maybe in the future there will be some 'Time machine'  that will do that for us...Ha Ha!

For now, we are  all original beings with one life , so make sure you pack as much in as you can everyday.

Go out there in nature, come rain or shine . Every day is so different and has something very special to offer.

Its all those small special things in life  that really matter, like looking at the cherry blossom, walking the dog and playing with the kids.  If you don't get out there , time will pass you by and before you know it, May will be December again.

On that note, its time to go.


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