This time it's personal

When I meet our customers face to face at retail shows, I nearly always get asked  these questions. 

"Have you got this sheep card,  or that dog card with Happy Birthday on, or cats with Anniversary on , or frogs with Congratulations?" 

We've always taken the approach that our cards are very versatile and generally our animal characters speak for themselves.

Our cute characters are usually so full of  intricate design with little hearts running through them, that actually they can be used for whatever your occasion might be . As our advertising slogan reads:

All creative, great and small

Well we've gone a step further.

You can now take almost any of your favourite characters, the hedgehogs, rabbits, ducks, cats, dogs, etc and add your own message.

Let's get Personal!

Our personalisation allows for just about any message or occasion to be written on the outside where it counts. This makes it a very personal, loving and lasting impression for the person receiving the card.

Of course you can still write another personal message on the inside too.

We've given some examples as a guide but you can literally write anything to a loved one and make that card just such a one off, that there won't be another one like it anywhere in the world.

Of course there are other personalised cards companies out there, but nothing with the cute brand and niche market appeal that we are  known for.


Our cards are priced competively at £3.29 each plus a £0.70p 1st class stamp.

Cards ordered before 12.30pm Monday - Friday are delivered next day with Royal Mail.


We've just launched these personalised cards and soon we'll be offering more products with personalised prints and notebooks too.

So please have a look at our cards and come up with your own wording using our interactive edit tool that shows you a finished card.

The card can be sent to a loved one, or back to you. It's very quick to use and it's pretty cool.

Now there really is a unique card offering out there,  that's right  for just about any occasion.

All it takes is for you to choose one of our cute animal characters, or any of our designs and let your creative imagination run wild. 

And you will then have a completely unique and personalised card.

All creative, great and small.

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