The Creature Feature

It's here, all creative great and small. 

Our new magazine styled newsletter that goes out to both trade and retail customers in two slightly different versions and we've called it The Creature Feature.

It is a monthly emailed update, styled to look like a magazine front cover. It has all  our new card designs and current offers and bits of gossip  about our animal characters.

There are the news headlines;  who's dating who and who is the bestselling  celebrity animal of the month.

Candid interviews  with  some of the creatures  and how they coping with  their pictures on greeting cards all over the world.

We'll be doing a special feature on high earner Mr. Wayne Dear,  the little  reindeer.  He'll be telling us all about what it is like coping with fame from an early age and  how he has become a Christmas icon. His recent success in Switzerland with his  picture on Christmas cards there being sold in very high numbers and how that   has catapulted him to the  stars and conquered his fear of flying.

There's a blog on our hedgehogs, how they love having fun in the autumn leaves and what its like being prickly and preparing for winter hibernation.

Our wise guys , the little owls share a book review and discuss what its like staying up all night and being a real night owl.

And lots more besides.

So we hope you enjoy our new monthly update that goes out to all our customers on our email list. The animals might just become the new Hello magazine of the animal world.

Introducing The Creature Feature...... All creative great and small.    


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