The Christmas List

What are you getting for Christmas?

Have you thought yet ?

It's getting close.

I know what I  want for Christmas... the complete box set of Dad's Army.

That should take me nicely from Christmas Day to New Years Eve without interruption. 

Such classic comedy. Especially the episode  with the U boat German captain when he says:

"Your name vill also go on zee list, what is it ?"  

 And Captain Mainwaring replies "Don't tell him Pike!" 

I had sort of wondered what our furry creatures might be getting for Christmas. There are so many of them now, they've  become a little army.  Maybe we could get our customers to decide?  


Anyhow they have made a list in their own  language with lots of paw prints, so I'm sure Father Christmas will know how to interpret that, as he must get quite a lot of bad hand (paw) writing.

It does look like one of the rabbits is in charge from the picture. I hope he has got all the animals requests together. I know that rabbits  are good at multiplying so that might help, but if I find out that  little rabbit has left anyone off,

..... then his rabbit name will also go down on MY list!


Here is  a long list of creature paw prints,
it should give the big man some very nice hints
For that  special day is coming fast,
along with the flying reindeer and an icy blast.
It's time to wrap up warm and huddle together,
for winter is here and the snowy weather.
Our creature cards work for any season,
if you can think of a special loved one, 
then you've more than one reason.
So look at our funny creatures and have a think,
hmmm.... yes, I'll buy a few more as they tickle me pink. 





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