Our new trade partner August 05 2019

We have a new trade partner now for all our trade customer orders.


Using an online trade platform will make ordering and invoicing much more simple and provide our trade customers with a longer time to pay and occasionally giving them special offers when they process their orders directly through our new partner. 


Pretty soon we will be sending out emails to all our current trade stockists (and new ones too), and letting them know all the benefits of ordering online through Mercavus.

It means we will be able to simplify the Sophie Morrell websites. Currently there are two; one for retail and one for trade.  Trade customers will be able to log in through the retail website www.sophiemorrell.com and register to become a trade stockist using the link on our homepage.

Here are some pictures of the mercavus platform  with our products. 

Its an exciting new partnership and we are looking forward to bringing in new orders with