It's drawing near...for Wayne Dear

Well Christmas isn't quite that near, yet.

But 'drawing' I certainly have been doing this year and hopefully staying in the clear.

Wayne and his friends have been busy recreating some excellent poses for the newly launched cards. We have got six new cards added to the range and some 'new' looks to old Christmas tree themes.

First of all there's 'Re-engineer' with the reindeer adding their own fairy lights. Like our 'Chandelier' picture last year, this involved even more planning and set up time. The reindeer managed to get themselves completely tangled up from the word go. Not surprising really with Wayne in charge. His organisation wasn't the best and before long the pictures got even more complicated so we called the next one  'Persevere'.

While maintaining 11 reindeer in a very wobbly position, we quickly managed to disentangle the fairy lights from the picture. And I quickly hid them in some trees and tried to distract Wayne.

We then placed some presents at the top with Loraine holding them. Getting the presents up to Loraine wasn't the easiest. It involved lots of hooves, antlers and wet noses.


About this time Wayne seemed to 'disappear' and then suddenly 'reappear' in the trees. I noted his actions as he was quite funny. I know he was looking for the fairy lights again. He then tripped over the lights and fell antlers first into the snow. For the last picture I drew Wayne, Loraine and Dwayne as they precariously managed to decorate one of the Christmas trees with yet more fairy lights and we called that 'High Gear'.

In all that time my fear for the Deer  had been  looking out for their well being. Constantly thinking they were ether going to be electrocuted from snow and a dodgy electric cable, or the balancing act  would calapse with lots of fallings out and short tempers between the reindeer and a few of them being jabbed by antlers.

So this year I really had to play it by ear with Wayne Dear. 

But hopefully my drawing is... somewhere near?

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