If a picture is worth a thousand words July 19 2015

If a picture is worth a thousand words, is a picture with a few special words,
worth a bit more?
It depends on how you look at it I suppose.
For certain, it won't cost anymore, but it might mean an extra special present for a loved one.
That said, we’ve decided to offer a few personalised print options.

And we've decided to let a few of our animals do the talking.
We had a little meeting the other day with the animals all sat around. 
There was a show of paws ,wings and hooves of who would like to take part.

I think  a few extra food treats and the chance of fame might have helped swing the vote as well.
We set up a photo shoot and the animals groomed themselves. 
We couldn’t afford to pay for hair and make up this time.
Mostly we put the animals together in pairs.  
It's sometimes nicer with a couple of names on a picture.

The cats had particular attention to detail, cleaning and combing their fur, as did the foxes and the ducks. 
The two rabbits were just so much in love, they were in their own little world and didn’t even notice their picture being taken.
Betty, Bertie and the rest of the sheep were cooperative to a point.  
They are a little scatterbrained and had to be herded into position by Scruffy the little terrier.
The reindeer; Wayne and Lorraine, got tangled up in the lighting equipment, yet again.
The hedgehogs, were nearly as bad as the rabbits for snogging and staring into each others eyes. 
We had to separate them, with heavy duty gardening gloves and shout ‘Cheese’ to them. They had very little attention span, bless them.

Percy and Pheobe the two penguins' arrived late from the South Pole.
There had been a few flight delays, or so they said.
Judging by the size of their bags, I would say it was more likely they were stuck in customs with more John west tinned tuna than is safe to travel with.

Finally we got it all done and the animals were happy with the result.
They agreed to let our customers decorate their pictures with their
own choice of words, names, dates and occasions at no extra cost.

So maybe a picture and a few choice words, are worth thousands....

to the right person.