A sneak preview

Here is a sneak preview from our new reindeer range.
All the characters will arrive just in time for Christmas.
I wanted to rethink traditional reindeer Christmas cards and introduce a range that could possibly be used throughout the year.

Wayne dear (featured here) was chosen from a herd of thousands. He was cast to play the lead role in our new range.
With no previous modelling experience; Wayne deer volunteered, persevered and went on to find a new career.

This picture taken on the set of the photo shoot, shows Wayne dear posing as an improvised chandelier.
Its a play on words obviously, but his antlers do make super light fittings.
As you can see in the picture, we hired a stately home with very high ceilings.
Hair and make up sorted out his general appearance.
He required quite a bit of grooming, as he had spent most of his life outdoors.
My assistants removed the original cut glass chandelier and we put all the new light bulbs in place around Wayne’s antlers.
We then raised Wayne into position using a forklift truck and several ladders.
By the time we had him in position it was evening and we put all his lights on to complete the effect.
However it wasn’t that straightforward, as his weight caused the electrical cord to swivel and crack the ceiling.
Wayne kept spinning around, first clockwise and then anticlockwise, making him very dizzy.
Eventually he came to a standstill and I managed to get this picture of him.

Wayne was particularly keen to do all his own stunts.
He had to sign a disclaimer for insurance purposes, but he rose eagerly to the challenge.
I paid Wayne in reindeer food consisting of oats and carrots.
He did ask me if he could have his own Facebook page, as he thought he was now a celebrity.
I was cautious in my response and said he was not famous yet and we should wait and see how popular he becomes.

Look out for Wayne and his friends coming soon.

(No animals were harmed in the making of this production.)

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