The Magical Christmas Tree

The Magical Christmas Tree

Our first personalised book for children has just arrived. 

Each book is printed individually with a child's name .

When you choose 'The Magical Christmas Tree' a child's name is entered on the cover and inside, along with the senders name and then the child's name appears throughout the story. 

A little bedtime Christmas story all about love , family and friendship and filled with beautiful illustrations.

Follow Bruce and your child on a snow filled adventure . As the snow gets deeper and deeper, both come to realise what is the most important thing at Christmas time and also how we might think about saving our planet!

Bruce is a magical little tree who dreams of fame and adventure in the big city. He wants nothing more than to be lit up in fairy lights and to make someone happy  for Christmas.  When all the other young trees are chopped down, they leave Bruce all alone in the forest. His only friends are the animals that live there and they try their best to cheer him up. 

Then one day (child's name) arrives in the forest and meets Bruce. Together, they set out on a very special Christmas journey ...


The book is 32 pages including the cover.

Soft bound paperback : 23 cm x 23 cm . 

Price: £19.95 including delivery.

Here are some selected pictures from the start of the story ...



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